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Employee Story: Kristin Davis

Kristina Davis shares about her eight years as a Truity Credit Union employee.

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Employee Story: Raylene Rainer

After 30 years with Truity, employee Raylene Rainer shares her experiences with us.

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Truity Credit Union Selected As an Oklahoma Certified Healthy Business

Truity Credit Union is once again excited to be selected as an Oklahoma Certified Healthy Business.

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Johnston named Operations Manager

Truity is proud to announce that Kaylee Johnston has been promoted to Operations Manager of their three Lawrence branches.

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We Are Hiring!

Truity Credit Union is growing. And with growth, comes new opportunities for job growth within the communities we serve across our four-state area of Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Texas.

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3 Reasons You Can't Take Shortcuts on Your Path to Success

Remember that old story about the tortoise and the hare? Well, as someone who’s always been in a hurry to get to the next level, I’ve come to realize that slow and steady is actually a really great approach. There is simply no substitute for hard-earned experience if you truly want to be successful in your chosen field.

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Graduating? LinkedIn Can Help

If you are among the more than 1.6 million students across the United States graduating college this year and about to embark on your very first career search, you've probably asked yourself, and maybe professors and your parents: What is the best way to get noticed by recruiters?

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