Employee Story: Raylene Rainer

I started with Truity as a teller in October of 1999 at our Hensley Branch. It was an excellent job for me because of member interaction. After four years, I promoted to the Call Center. There I was able to expand my knowledge and assist members in broader areas, and I enjoyed offering solutions to help with everyday financial life. I started learning more about our cards. I promoted to the Card Services position in 2007 and have been here ever since. My first project to be a part of was our software conversion in 2010.  I continued to grow in this area and accepted the Coordinator position for Card Services in 2014 and today; I serve as Assistant Manager.

We saw an organizational change where Truity became much more open to employees in 2007. I continue to be with Truity because along the way I am given responsibility along with support and guidance. My manager, HR, and the Senior Team have encouraged and supported me not only in my position here but as a person. Our culture is people helping people, everybody wins, and it feels pretty amazing.

I love our wellness health benefits. I enjoy the workout room and our Yoga sessions. They have prodded me to be more active when I think about it.

Truity has such a people supported environment—a culture you can feel in the organization. I am proud to be a part of Truity Credit Union.

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